Certitrack is a fairly simple, yet relationally complex Gift Certificate Management System (GCMS). Issue, track, redeem, edit, and delete certificates. Easily manage staff, clients and much more. Suitable for any organization or team.

Built with Microsoft’s .NET Core stack, Certitrack leverages the power of a robust and secure relational SQL database.

This server-rendered app uses the Bootstrap-based AdminLTE frontend framework, with AJAX requests where possible, yielding a fast and highly responsive user experience. Certitrack is Dockerized and deployed with Azure Pipleines (CI/CD).


Towards the end of my formal webdev education, we had begun to explore advanced .NET Core development. Our instructor approached me (her strongest student at the time), sharing that there was a request to build an application for the college’s Massage Therapy Department.

The head therapist was in need of a robust web app that could help his department take their GCMS paperless. It was new, intimidating, and I had no idea how to make it happen. “Challenge Accepted” was my reply. Here we are today.

Dashboard Screenshot

Check out the demo app and repo

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